Welcome to Muse™

Medialets Muse™ is the online dashboard for Medialets mobile rich media advertising platform. Medialets Muse™ provides a set of online products that simplify the process of creating, delivering and measuring mobile rich media ads for advertisers, agencies, publishers and developers.

Medialets Creative Builder™

Transform assets into cross-platform mobile ad executions in minutes — without any knowledge of HTML5 or JavaScript — with Muse™ Creative Builder and Blueprints.

Medialets Campaign Manager™

Create, target, and manage ad campaigns across mobile devices.

Medialets Ad Reports™

View real-time reports on mobile campaigns, including impression delivery, engagement and engagement rate, custom events and more.

Medialets App Manager™

View a list of each of your apps, app release dates, versions and installation totals.

Medialets App Reports™

Gain deep insight into the performance of your mobile apps, including installations, runs, and custom events.